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Aurora Chateau is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (65%) and Merlot (35%). The total production is about 4500 bottles per year. 


The grapes are handpicked, typically the first and second weeks of September. Our goal is to pick at a maturity level that would provide optimal density and preserve the natural acidity and fresh aromas of the grapes. Grapes are squeeze-crushed and fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.

After several rackings, the wine is left to age for 12 months in oak barrels, both American and French oaks are used. The wine is then blended, fined, and bottled approximately 2 years from harvest.


The color is dense with purple reflections. Its nose detects black fruit and matured red fruit along with some scents of mocha and caramel likely from the ageing in oak barrels.

Its attack is exquisitely balanced in acidity and complexity, with a well-rounded mouth feel, and notes of mint and green on the finish.

technical details

Harvest Dates: Sept. 7–15, 2013
Harvest Brix: 23
Total Acidity: 4.1 g/l
Alcohol: 13.5%
Total Sulfur Dioxide: 77.2 mg/ml
Volatile acidity: 0.48 g/l
Final Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon (65%)-Merlot (35%)
Bottling Date: July 20, 2015
Production: 416 Twelve pack cases

Tasting Room

Address: Fanar . Sayfco building . Beirut Lebanon
Telephone: + 961 1 891 816
Mobile: + 961 71 632 620
Office Hours: Weekdays from 11:00am to 7:00pm


Address: Rachkedde, Batroun, North Lebanon
Mobile: + 961 71 632 620
Winery visits by appointment only